A lighter freeze but still excellent skiing!

24 April 2015

There was a lighter freeze overnight and we needed to move on an exposure (starting more southerly instead of easterly) or stay high, and Henry and I chose to ski off the Motte. I opened with the bowl off the Fresse, which is virgin and not ski-compacted, and I needed to move way past east and all the way across the slope to get as southerly as possible to find good support, and knew then we were going to need to stay at altitude. I met Henry on the Motte and after skiing some nice steeps and cutting back to the chair we had a great run through the rocks under the glacier before ‘skinning’ out. Meanwhile Chris skied the Sachette but needed to give the Tourne a miss and head straight over the col, and his team had an excellent morning as well.

JM and Andreas finished up a great tour today with an atmospheric trip through the seracs under the Grande Casse and they all had a celebratory lunch with beverages at the Bar des Sports. It looked like trouble brewing as a few of them moved on to the Coin des Amis afterwards, and why not? The sun is beating down and after walking for a week a few beers with live music sitting on a sun-drenched terrace sounds pretty good! Bravo to you all!

Our wonderful two weeks of sunshine is coming to an end and we are now expecting possibly 30cm’s of snow. Hopefully we’ll enjoy a few days of fresh snow before turning back to spring conditions for the fermature. Stay tuned!

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