Another lovely morning on the Motte!

27 April 2015

It was +6C again this morning and Chris and I decided to head back to the Motte as he could save his client Dave, who’s staying Tignes, an expensive taxi ride. (Besides that the skiing is great upstairs) We skied the Rosolin twice and ‘skinned’ out to access bonus-turns across the glacier, and like Saturday it was excellent skiing again today. (See photos) Suzanne is skiing with Chris and I had Dave C along with Paul G and Louise, and because the cable car is closed we had the Motte to ourselves.

Andreas is down the valley playing in the Val d’Isere Open golf Tournament, as is Richard F. I’ll have some news on that later but chances are Andreas will probably win as he’s a proper golfer!

It’s raining in town, which means powder upstairs tomorrow, and we could see as much as 50cm’s over the next couple of days. It’s not over yet! Stay tuned!

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