Not the easiest day of late!

28 April 2015

After all the rain I was expecting better today. Unfortunately the new snow helped to insulate against a good freeze and the snow at mid-altitude remained fragile, while the early-morning pistes were rock-hard. Due to the wet snow yesterday and the rain the piste machines had had a tough time trying to groom the slopes smooth, and with uneven seams and frozen snowballs the piste skiing wasn’t nearly as much fun as it has been.

I was the only one skiing today and chose the Motte instead of the Fornet because over the past few days the Motte has had much better visibility and with the northerly wind I felt that the Motte would have a chance of clearing first. We started off in flat-light with some fog but by the time we arrived on the summit of the Funicular a ‘light-bulb’ was hanging overhead and the vis was pretty good. At times we had moments in the sun, which after getting beaten up on the piste made us all feel much better! We skied my shoulder a couple of times and had a 10-minute ‘skin’ before heading back down with an excellent run off the Genepy. It wasn’t a bad morning as we had some great skiing but none of us had our mojo working full tilt and we were all a tad flat.

How good the skiing is over the next few days really depends on the visibility and the freeze. The snow is plenty good enough but we need to be able to see in order to go anywhere, and we need some cold nights because the only support at the moment is up high, eliminating the lower half of the resort. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS And happy birthday Paul W! See you this weekend.

PSS Andreas reports a fantastic Open yesterday. He won a nice Wilson putter for the longest drive and had the lowest score at 6-over par. Unfortunately he was pipped to the trophy by a high handi-capper having a great day. Well done Andreas (you bugger)!

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