Great freeze, excellent light, and jolly good skiing!

29 April 2015

We had all the ingredients today as it froze down to village level and we had clear skies and great visibility. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had a great morning. Although nothing was ‘perfect’, it was all jolly good and we skied some wonderful slopes starting with the Grand Vallon, followed by the Combe du Signal, then a double ‘skin’ in the Pays Desert and then a cracker in the Vallonnet and around to Oh My! (See photos)

It was important to get the solid freeze as that makes conditions much safer for the next few days and makes the bottom half of the mountain ski-able again. Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great but we could get lucky and get enough vis in the morning to make the most of it. Stay tuned!

And a very happy belated birthday to Thomas, who was 35-years-young yesterday. You lucky boy Thomas!

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