Today had the 'wow' factor!

30 April 2015

I awoke to grey skies at 6AM but could see holes in the cloud cover, and by ‘show-time’ the skies had clear and with fresh snow in the village and a decent freeze it was game on! We started off with an excellent run in the Grand Vallon, followed by and equally good run in the Combe du Signal. Then Chris and I went over the Col for the first time in days and there wasn’t a track as far as we could see. The snow quality was stunning top-to-bottom and being alone in such a wonderful place just added to the enjoyment. Suzanne thought it was one of the best Col Pers’ she’s ever skied, and that’s saying a lot! We then had a great run in Oh My!, and finished off with a variation in the Vallonnet/Grand Vallon. We skied until 1:15 as tomorrow’s forecast isn’t looking so good and we wanted to make the most of today. I was quoted as saying, “——ing hell, how good was that?” about three times this morning and it’s a shame today wasn’t Sunday as it would have been a fabulous finish!

Andreas came up for a brilliant run or two and skied with Tony W, while Thomas has decided his season is over. I’m not too sure what Henry is up to but JM and Oli are in Norway touring and still have a couple more excursions to complete.

My internet and phone service is being changed tomorrow so I may have some disruptions and may not be able to answer emails or post my blog. If that’s the case I’ll get Chris to let you know. Stay tuned!

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