Grey and wet, but here's hoping!

01 May 2015

Just a quick early-morning update in case my internet service is disrupted later on. It’s raining in town and grey, and the forecast was for rain to about 2600m’s. Hopefully the rain limit isn’t that high, and the light isn’t too bad so that Chris and I will be able to see up on the Motte. I’ll report on the day later depending on access. Wish us luck!

PS We have flood warnings in the Savoie over the next few days to look forward to!

PSS The update on yesterday’s fabulous ski is in the April archive.

We made it up to the Fornet Glacier and skied the 3300, and two off the Combe du Geant, mixed in with some piste. It was wet and humid right to the top of the mountain and when we finished at noon everyone was pretty wet. (See photos)

Better weather is forecast for tomorrow so we should have an easier time of it in the morning. Fingers crossed!

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