With slightly colder temperatures and a welcomed ‘light-bulb’ in the sky

17 December 2008

With slightly colder temperatures and a welcomed ‘light-bulb’ in the sky we enjoyed much lighter snow with decent visibility. We stayed up high all morning as the snow at the bottom of the resort is really deep and heavy while the snow upstairs was proper powder today. The Fountaine Froide was excellent as was the Grand Pre and Olivier was skiing the same sector having brought his team up from the Chalet Colinn. They been snowed in and have needed to ‘skin’ in and out of their Chalet. I skied this afternoon with Mike, Julie, Caroline and Robert and with improving visibility we didn’t finish until 5PM. Hopefully after 150 to 200cm’s of snow it will clear up for tomorrow because enough is enough and I wouldn’t bet against having the gorge being passable soon as the Fornet has had even more snow than the village. The town is finally getting back to normal as the roads and parking lots have been cleared and stranded cars have been towed making for better circulation for the delivery trucks and buses. Anyway, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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