It was nice to be dry again!

02 May 2015

After a wet and foggy day yesterday that was so humid and damp that my camera stopped working as did Derek’s i-phone, we were treated to a gorgeous day with bright blue skies. Chris, Andreas and I all headed to the Fornet and although there wasn’t a track to be seen the skiing was pretty tough as the snow was definitely ‘educational’! I did one run in the Combe du 3300 and changed sectors as I didn’t want anyone, including me, to ruin a knee with summer so close. We ended up blasting on the piste at La Daille with a little technique mixed in before having lunch at the Burger Bar. Thanks Penny!

Andreas and Chris continued on at the Fornet and skied the Pays Desert a couple more times. Chris wanted me to give Jenny a mention as she was absolutely brilliant and creamed the tricky conditions with an excellent performance. Bravo Jenny! Andreas eventually skied the boys down to the closing lunch and party at the Folie Douce, and the weather has remained fairly kind for most of the afternoon and they’ll have had an excellent afternoon.

Paul Gains received a silver medal from the Val d’Isere Tourists board for over 30-years of fidelity. It was a really enjoyable ceremony and Paul gave a short but well received speech, and was rather proud of himself. Bravo Paul! (see photos)

I think my season is over as I’ve worked incredibly hard this winter and tomorrow’s forecast is for rain to 3100m’s, which doesn’t sound like too much fun. I’m in one piece at the moment and am looking forward to my summer with my girls and playing golf, and don’t fancy skiing in poor snow and in flat light! Stay tuned for some periodic updates during the summer and I’ll do a report shortly on the winter. I thought it was a fantastic season and thank you all for supporting ‘Alpine’ and bringing along new friends!

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