Happy Birthday Andreas!

21 May 2015

Well, I’m back after a long but satisfying winter. I thought that considering snow conditions and a dodgy snowpack early on that the entire team did a fantastic job of making the absolute best out of what we had to work with. Except for one week in March where it was extremely windy and the skiing was limited, everyone left the resort this season with big smiles on their faces and that was very rewarding for us.

I’m now playing a little golf and waiting for summer to kick in as it hasn’t yet been very inspiring on the weather-front. Millie is playing quite a bit of golf along with getting in some great coaching, and she is also taking tennis lessons, Katie is riding and dancing while Gill is playing tennis at least twice a week and has been signed up for the Club Championships, which she hasn’t played for at least ten years.

The planning is now up and running so don’t hesitate to get in touch because certain week’s book up quickly and you do not want to miss out.

And Happy Birthday to You Andreas!

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