Come on you Blue Jays!

10 August 2015

I’ve just returned from 12 fantastic days in Canada with Millie and Katie. We had a lovely time visiting friends and family, spending time in the mountains and generally enjoying a stunning environment. The girls love their trips to Canada and as usual we had great weather the entire time except for a violent hail and wind storm, which was very impressive. I was also thoroughly entertained by the Toronto Blue Jays who have captivated the country with some wonderful baseball. They made some key trades over the winter then added seven new players just before the trade deadline and the result is an exciting team that may make the playoffs for the first time in 21-years when they won back-to-back World Series! (Back when Geoff D and I saw them play in the play-offs)

We returned home jet-lagged and Gill cooked us a wonderful Persian dish, which she learnt at a cooking course. The course was a birthday present from Laura and the results were fantastic, thanks Laura! And what a result for the Hammers on opening day! My sports world couldn’t be better as the Jays beat the Yankees 2-0 for their eighth win in a row, and West Ham beat Arsenal 2-0 on the same day. (Holiday photos have been posted)

Next up for the Watson’s is ten-days in Val d’Isere late-August followed by our trip to India in October. And before we know it the 2015-16 season will be just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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