Wow, what a day!

18 December 2008

Wow, what a day! The snow dried out nicely and with the sun making a surprise appearance we had a superb ‘maximum-turn’ session this morning. The avalanche risk remains high so we took it cautiously but still managed a warm-up off the Verte, followed by a stunning Borsat Nord down into Tignes, then a Grande Motte from the top down to the Leisse, a Cairn, and quick one in the bottom of the Combe des Lanches before finishing with a Familial. Olivier and Jean Marc did some touring from the Chalet Colinn above the Franchet and after a tough week being snowed in they’ll have really appreciated getting out and doing some ‘skinning’. Andreas and Thomas have privates at the moment and TJ arrives on the 28th for six weeks. Gill, Millie and Katie arrive on Boxing Day so Ray and I have a looming deadline to finish our building project, good luck to us! We should get some decent visibility tomorrow but temperatures are forecast to rise significantly on Sunday for several days, which will ruin the skiing short-term, but will help purge the mountain and stabilise the snowpack.

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