Hopefully just in time!

19 November 2015

As I’m sure you’re aware there has been a prolonged period of unseasonably warm weather in the Alps. Unfortunately whatever early snow that fell has now melted away, except on north and west-facing slopes at altitude where a little snow has remained. But the good news is that heavy snow is forecast next week, and that the STVI are confident that the forecasted snow will be enough to open on Saturday the 28th as planned. Yahoo!!! The place just never seems to let us down!

I’ve checked several websites and forecasts, and the amount of snow expected varies quite drastically, from a day or two of light snow to over 200 cm’s, but let’s stay positive and hope for the best!

I’ll be arriving with Chris on the 26th and will be ready for opening day, and of course the 2015-16 Daily Diary will be up and running with news, weather, sports and photos. Stay tuned!

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