Blimey, it's looking good!

26 November 2015

Last night I spent a wonderful evening with the girls as Millie and I went to the golf course for 40 minutes of chipping and putting followed by a superb meal. It’s always tough before I leave, but especially this season because for the first time the girls won’t be here for the winter and will just be visiting during the Christmas, half-term and easter holidays, but we had a lovely meal and a bit of family-time in front of the ‘idiot box’.

After an emotional farewell with the girls this morning Chris and I piled into the car to start our journey, and after 724 miles we have arrived safe and sound. I introduced Chris to Doctor Karl on the radio between Guildford and the tunnel, and then it was a bit of chat followed by rock n’ roll all the way to the Alps. We were delighted to see snow in the hills outside of Chambery, and then snow all the way up to Val d’Isere. The mountains look fabulous and we should be in for a very promising start to the new season. The bottom of La Daille looks well groomed and ready for the opening on Saturday and I should have more news about what will be open this weekend tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Happy 18th Wils and Rosie!!!!

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