Flat-light but a great start to the season!

28 November 2015

After being teased with a stunningly blue sky yesterday the season started off with grey skies and flat-light. Andreas, Chris and I all eased ourselves into it for the first hour but then we started to get some light filtering through the clouds, which made an enormous difference, and by the end of the morning the sun was poking through. Fortunately the snow was fantastic and after a metre of snow over the past ten days or so the coverage was better than I had expected. Everyone had a great morning and it was another one of those mornings that was significantly better than expected when you pull back the curtains and peek out first thing in the morning.

It was quite evident this morning the difference in the risk-factor between a flat-light day and when the visibility is decent. Even though the coverage is better than last year, the little gullies are severe and there are holes and dips everywhere so we needed concentrate and feel our way around. I for one was very pleased when the light improved about half-way through the morning and everyone’s spirits soared as their skiing suddenly improved. Funny thing that!

It did clear up for the afternoon so much of the resort will be tracked but fortunately a little snow is forecast. Unfortunately grey skies and 60 kph of northerly wind are forecast as well for tomorrow, but the sun is expected to shine Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

I’m off to the gym this afternoon followed by dinner and football at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’ tonight.

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