Come on Andy!!!!

29 November 2015

Chris, Andreas and my teams all had another cracking good morning skiing around the Bellevarde, Borsat, Lower Chardonnet and Familial in fairly tough conditions. It was grey with flat-light, and there was much less light filtering through than yesterday making it a little more difficult to ski positively as we needed to be cautious as noodling yourself isn’t a desired option. There is too much trouble lurking underneath and we are all looking forward to some better vis tomorrow and a chance to check out conditions towards the Fornet.

I missed the gym yesterday but enjoyed a superb steak dinner at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s, followed by the football. Thanks John, what a meal!!! I’m off to John’s again this afternoon to watch the Hammers play before meeting Chris at the gym as we’re on a new fitness campaign.

It’s snowing lightly at the 13:50h’s and hopefully we’ll get ten cm’s or more before the sun pokes through in the morning. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Andy and the boys this afternoon!

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