Pietro's back!

01 December 2015

The wind that blew over the weekend stiffened a lot of snow on the Pissaillas so I headed up Bellevarde, but unfortunately yesterday’s wind did a lot of damage and ruined much of what was excellent snow in that sector as well. Jean R, Richard H and I took it easy and skied some lovely piste before diving off the edge of the piste to find some nice gullies here and there. We waited until 11 o’clock to head to the Fornet to ski the Combe du Signal and meadows in sunshine. It was a very good morning but times are tough out there at the moment unless you are young, fit, technically precise and happy in ‘skiers’ snow! If that’s the case there are some adventures to be had, but meanwhile the piste skiing is excellent.

Pietro is back for a just over a week and he’s skiing with Maeve and Adrian before skiing with Fiona M. JM and Oli arrive on the weekend and along with Thomas they’ll be entertaining the Ski Club next week.

The sun is forecast to shine for at least the next five days so new snow is expected for at least a week, but the snow cannons are running non-stop and laying down a fantastic base for the pistes. Stay tuned!

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