Boy, that was close!!!

04 December 2015

Derek and Paul kicked off their season this morning, and along with John and Margaret’s grandson Luke we had a great morning with a little bit of everything. We dynamically skied perfectly groomed pistes until about 10:15 when we headed up the Palafour for some frisset followed by a couloir with some smooth winter snow, and then a little frisset on the meadows at the bottom. From there we retraced our steps from yesterday and cut over to the Aiguille Rouge area for some lovely frisset and goblet before ‘skinning’ out. We finished off with some good piste skiing before heading into the Familial, which is coming back around nicely after the wind damage. (see photos)

I looked like a tourist getting onto the Tichot lift in Tignes and came very close to doing myself some serious damage. The little gate didn’t open properly and my pole became stuck, then the next thing I knew one leg was being pulled away by the moving carpet and for fear of being ‘wish-boned’ and hurting my knee I threw myself to the ground. My shoulder is quite sore and it wouldn’t have taken much more to have had a significant injury. (Thank goodness it wasn’t Jean or Pietro who both have delicate shoulders!) Anyway, after having a go the lift operator who was standing there doing absolutely f-all we continued on our merry way.

I’m off to the gym with Pietro for my 6th session in 8 days. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon but I’m going to make the most of it.

It has clouded over this afternoon and we may get five centimetres of snow tonight, which would help.

And Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!

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