A few centimetres made a difference!

05 December 2015

It snowed between 2 and 5cm’s overnight and it really made quite a difference in freshening up the off-piste. The snow is slowing regenerating and what was plaque a few days back is slowly softening up and the little cushion of new snow mixed in nicely and really did help.

The day started off grey but with decent light and my team tested the snow off the Verte, which was a ‘thumbs-up’, so we then headed into the Campanules to find some great snow. We then skied around the Tignes alti-port before skiing a nice line off the Chaudannes lift. The boys were a little tired so we headed back early after another satisfying morning. Meanwhile Andreas headed into Tignes to ski the Chardonnet, the Palafour, and a route off the Aiguille Rouge. The Campbell’s are back in town so they had an excellent first morning, and with the skies clearing around 11-ish, everyone profited from the improved visibility towards the end of the session.

Chris has just stopped by in a bit of a panic as he lost his new radio this morning. He’s come to borrow mine to retrace our steps and hopefully he’ll be able to locate it by speaking and praying for a response from his radio, which will be lying under the snow. Bonne chance JC!

We are expecting another two days of stunning weather before a partially cloudy day Wednesday, followed by a very overcast day on Thursday.

I’m off to the gym for a light session before watching Man U v West Ham at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’, followed by dinner out with Paul, Derek, and the Campbell’s. Sounds like a fantastic finish to a jolly good day. Stay tuned and I think Chris will need more luck than the Hammers, and that’s saying a lot!

PS Pietro, Chris and I had a lovely evening last night eating, drinking some wine, and cranking up the stereo!

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