Our luck was in again today

26 March 2008

Our luck was in again today and with good visibility that improved rapidly into clear blue skies we had a terrific morning around the Motte. It was another ‘maximum turn’ session and we covered a lot of ground with solid non-stop skiing. We had a mix of soft creamy souffle, some fragile souffle with 5 to 10 cm’s on top, and some soft deep snow as well. I don’t know where the rest of the off-piste skiers were, but it was nice to share our spoils with just ‘Alpine’ groups, which seems to have been the case most of the winter. Gill skied this afternoon with Millie, Wils, and Rosie while I had a naughty ice-cream with Katie at the Perdrix, but don’t tell Mum! Ten to twenty cm’s are forecast tonight and the cold snap of the past week is coming to an end, which is too bad as it’s been wonderful. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the France vs England match tonight and Beckham winning his 100th cap. Bravo David

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