It was a stunning morning with red glowing light around

20 December 2008

It was a stunning morning with red glowing light around 7:30AM with it forecast to close in during the morning. Fortunately the skies remained clear and we profited with another great morning of skiing. Chris and I had an excellent Borsat Nord with great ambience followed by some really good skiing in Tignes. The wind has worked the snow so there is a real mix of conditions from perfect powder down low in protected areas to tougher but very pleasurable winded snow, to strips of frisset where you most needed them. I’d like to give Andrew who skied with me this morning for the first time and did extremely well and Paul who has been skiing with Chris the last two days. Andreas skied the Tour du Charvet before where it was winded up top but wonderful towards the bottom and then skied the Arselle as the Manchet Chair opened today. Thomas is on piste with private clients and JM is here for another two weeks after finishing with the Ski Club followed by his touring week.

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