A change of scenery!

06 December 2015

After spending the last week in Tignes it was time for a change of scenery so Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet to find out exactly why we’ve spent so much time skiing in Tignes! The Fornet sector hasn’t improved at all, and in fact it’s actually worse. Richard, Jean and I ended up in a little gorge above ice and water and negotiating our way through was interesting and a good ‘travelling in the mountains’ experience. Bravo Richard! After a run on the piste we tried the Arcelle, which has taken the sun with all the afternoon heat we’ve had for the past few days. We did manage about 100 metres of great snow but we ‘skinned’ out before running into the nasty stuff. (see photos) Andreas changed sectors as well and skied the Borsat Nord from the top but we all realised how good the skiing that we’ve been sniffing out in Tignes as been. Still, we needed to have a look elsewhere in the resort and although it didn’t quite come off it was a good effort and a fun morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Man U V West Ham match that we ‘streamed’ at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’. It could have been 3-3 but a draw at Old Trafford is always a good result. And Chris still hasn’t found his radio.
More sun is on the way for another couple of days and after that who knows? Stay tuned!

PS We tried the new Fondue Factory restaurant that has replaced the Perdrix last night. They’ve spent a fortune on the place and it’s pretty impressive, and the food was excellent. Thanks Paul, Derek, Peter and Clare for a great evening, even if I wasn’t quite at my best this morning!

PSS Apparently checked shirts are no longer ‘cool’ and Paul and I took some stick last night, but I thought we were the hippest dudes there!

PSS Paul had his air-bag checked and was shocked to find that the canister was totally empty. Make sure you stop by the shop to have your air-bag checked before you kick off your season.

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