A needle in the haystack!

07 December 2015

After a cloudy night the sun was shining brightly again today, and although we need snow the beautiful blue skies aren’t too hard to take! Having had a tougher morning yesterday trying for a change of scenery it was straight back to Tignes this morning and considering the conditions we managed a brilliant morning. We skied the Campanules, off the Motte to Wayne’s Shoulder before ‘skinning’ to the Little Borsat West, and then a run in the Familial. The Familial needs snow now as it’s pretty thin and it wasn’t the best of the morning, but all in all we had a cracking good ski. (see photos)

Thomas and Jean Marc started with the Ski Club this morning while Olivier, Pietro and Andreas had private clients, Chris had a small group and Henry was doing one of his ‘HAT’ days. That’s a pretty good early season morning for the Alpine team! Bravo boys!

It’s forecast to be partially sunny tomorrow (which means partially cloudy but being a half-full kind of guy I’ll stick with the sun!) and we may get a chance of a little snow on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for sun in the morning and snow on Wednesday! Stay tuned!

PS The best news of the day is that Chris found his radio! He decided to retrace his steps one last time and saw a little dark speck in the snow, gave it a probe, and low and behold it turned out to be his radio. That’s what happens when you have some good karma in the bank, well done JC!

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