Maybe a little snow tonight?

08 December 2015

After a terrific day yesterday I opted for a change of scenery again and Jean, Chris and I headed to scout out the Crete du Genepy. We ‘skinned’ for about 45-minutes to access a steep little couloir that we don’t ski very often because the snow on our normal routes didn’t look very appetising. We had some good ambience and some decent snow but it wasn’t the easiest skiing of the season.

We met Henry who was out with Anna and Percy on one of his HAT days and they were examining the snow crystals, discussing the evolution of the snowpack, and generally having a lovely day out in stunning weather. Meanwhile Andreas was skiing with Philip N, Oli had a group of French clients and Thomas and JM are skiing with the Ski Club.

There is a possibility of ten centimetres of snow tonight and tomorrow morning and overcast skies are forecast. Ten cm’s isn’t much but anything will do at the moment and that much on supporting windblown snow would help improve conditions. Stay tuned!

PS There was an accident yesterday with the Funicular in Tignes and it looks as if it will be 4 weeks before they can get it running again. Not great news with the Christmas holidays right around the corner!

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