D.I.Y !!!

09 December 2015

After who knows how many days of lovely sunshine today was forecast to be overcast with light snow so Jean and I decided to take the day off and regroup for Thursday. I spent the day preparing the walls to paint my apartment, which is always like a huge can of worms and much more time consuming than expected, but once started it’s too late to turn back!

Bernie also came over to help me get my stereo ready for proper listening. My speakers have been too high and narrow as I’d placed them in a safe place for when Millie and Katie were small and liable to knock them over, but now that they’re older I can safely place my speakers in the appropriate spots. Bernie organised new speaker wires and drilled some holes for the wires and plugs to tidy things up and I’m really looking forward to cranking it up. It sounds bloody good if I say so myself and thanks to Geoff who organised the Amp and speakers all those years ago, and thanks very much Bernie for your time and expertise!

It was forecast to clear up around noon today but it stayed overcast and at 4:45 PM there are a few flakes drifting about. Hopefully enough snow has fallen to make a difference and after a day stuck inside I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Well done to Oli, JM, and Thomas who were all out there all day long!

PSS I’d like to thank Margaret for a great meal Sunday night, and Laura who entertained JM, JC, Pietro, Olivier, Sasha and I on Monday, and Johnnie ‘Alpine’ for a fantastic meal followed by football last night. I’m truly spoiled!

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