Wow, that made a change!!!

12 December 2015

The sun keeps beating down, which isn’t hard to take, but we are desperate for snow! Being Saturday a few more lifts opened and all the boys took advantage showing our clients some great skiing. I’m not going to give away where we’ve all been skiing as times are tough and any little stash is precious at the moment. I will say that we all had some fantastic snow this morning with terrific ambience.

I must say there is only one way down to Les Boisses and anything else is extremely dangerous as the snow cannons have been leaking water (or the mixture is totally wrong) leaving sheet ice that is a bloody nightmare. If you arrive from an off-piste itinerary chances are you’ll end up in this mess and if I wasn’t so worried about getting Jean and Pascale down safely I would have taken some photos to publish on the World Wide Web. It was really shocking as that sector was reported as open with both the Brevieres and Boisses bubbles working. Anyway, it was a great morning and we’ve worked out a better route!

JM, Oli, Andreas and I had our meeting last night followed by a yummy chilli with salad. We are now targeting next winter for our new site as there is too much to realistically do during the winter and too many high-quality photos to find amongst thousands that are buried in our archieves.

I’m off to watch footie at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’ this afternoon but I’ll head off to the gym first. Stay tuned for more sunshine and news tomorrow!

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