Much better light than forecast!

13 December 2015

It was forecast to be grey and gradually turning into a jour blanc, but fortunately the light improved during the morning and we finished off in sunshine. Oli and JM have a group of their regular touring clients, Andreas went off to ski the couloir he scouted the other day, Thomas was off, Chris is still ill and gone missing in action, and I had a lovely day with Jean and Michael R, who has just rolled into town. We need snow but the show must go on and everyone is doing a great job making the most of it. And bravo to all our fantastic clients who know the score and just enjoy what’s on offer and it makes our lives so much easier and certainly less stressful.

Speaking of scores, I can’t believe that van Haal character at Man U. Last week he substituted Mata, his most creative player with 30-minutes to go and yesterday he took off Fellini who was United’s best player. Everything that was positive went through Fellini, who had already scored and he looked the most likely to get an equaliser. Blimey, I’d go nuts if I was a United fan!

My girls arrive a week today so I’m getting pretty excited about their visit. I do have some serious tidying up to do however!

More sunshine is forecast for tomorrow followed by a slight chance of some precipitation on Tuesday.

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