Pretty jolly good!

14 December 2015

The sun continues to beat down and with limited conditions it is imperative to have good visibility, so no one was complaining this morning. After a couple of great days in the same sector I headed towards the Motte for a change of scenery and ended up have a cracking good morning. (see photos) Charles H made a return after eight years away and it was lovely to have him back. Chris was back in action today after a few days off with a nasty cough and he skied around the Motte as well. Meanwhile, JM and Oli headed over the Col du Palet to spend the day ‘skinning and sniffing’ about, and I’m sure that they’ll have had a good day out as well.

Andreas was on-piste today with his Thai family while Thomas and Henry have the day off.

There is a possibility of a few flakes Tuesday night and Wednesday so do pray or dance to whatever snow God you use! Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated and even 5cm’s would make a difference. Stay tuned!

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