That was a bonus morning!!!

15 December 2015

We had a terrific ski today, made that much better because the ‘partially cloudy’ forecast turned out to be stunning blue skies with great visibility. My team had a fantastic ski in the Sachette couloir and all the way to where we normally cut out. Olivier had come up with a summer path that bypassed the horrible icy patches the lead into Les Boisses and although we needed to do some bush-whacking it was a great result. (see photos)

Chris’ team was some way behind us and JC’s ski popped off in the couloir and ran all the way to the bottom. Bummer because he missed some good skiing and ended up with a pretty tired leg! Bravo to Ros who absolutely creamed the big slope under the couloir. She skied it top-to-bottom and never missed a beat!

I’m not at all sure what anyone else skied today but Andreas was with his Thai clients on-piste while JM, Oli and Thomas were all in action.

What an absolutely brilliant football match last night and everyone but Chelsea fans will be purring over Leicester’s performance. They are quick on the ball, enthusiastic with a great team spirit, and fun to watch. They’ve made a lot of fans this season and Jamie Vardy is turning into a workingman’s hero. Brilliant!

Fingers crossed that we get 5cm’s of snow tonight but the latest forecast doesn’t seem so confident. Surely five centimetres isn’t too much to ask for!

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