Five centimetres makes a huge difference!

16 December 2015

Hallelujah, it snowed 5cm’s overnight! You know times are tough when you consider 5cm’s an event but it made a big difference today, both on-and-off-piste. There was some wind during the night as well that helped to blow in a little extra snow and cushion the lee-slopes, and the soft layer helped to take the bite out of some of the firm pistes. Generally everyone was in good spirits this morning and although we started off with overcast skies it didn’t take long for the clouds to clear off and for the sun to dominate as it has for pretty much the past three weeks. It all made for a good morning and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. (A fresh canvas would be a gross exaggeration but the new snow has opened up some options, even if it’s re-visiting the circuits we’ve been using)

We really do need a significant snowfall but there is no snow on the horizon and the most pessimistic forecast I’ve heard is the middle of February. Now that’s a depressing thought! The most optimistic forecast is for another five centimetres tonight. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Tonight is the last performance of Katie’s school play. She has a fairly big ‘speaking’ role and so far the critics love her. Well done Katie!

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