What a lovely change of pace!!!!

17 December 2015

After spending almost the entire season so far in Tignes (and with good reason as everything else has been extremely poor!) it was time to roll the dice and head back to the Fornet. It was an adventurous morning and the team was well rewarded with fantastic scenery and ambience and so pretty good snow as well. I’m not going to say anything about where we’ve been because times are tough so it’s back to ‘code mode’ and photos. JM and Oli spent the day at the Fornet as well while Thomas was busy trying to get a new ‘Alpine’ brochure sorted out and Andreas was doing his community service days helping with the Women’s World Cup Race preparations.

Katie finished her last performance last night in her school play with Gill and Millie in the audience. According to Gill she was brilliant, and I’m sure that is a totally unbiased opinion! (See photos)

Stay tuned for more fun tomorrow!

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