A good roll of the dice!

19 December 2015

Chris accompanied me this morning and we rolled the dice again and tried another new sector, and again were rewarded with some great skiing and ambience. We worked for our turns this morning but it was a very satisfying and everyone is appreciative that we’re coming up with some good skiing when conditions are very limited. (See photos) Andreas was out this morning with Jerry and Fi and they had a good outing as well, while JM, Thomas and Henry are all off.

I’m in last-minute-mode as the girls arrive tomorrow and I’ve still a lot to do.

Stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow as the sun promises to beat down again. It’s relentless at the moment and it’s getting a little ridiculous. Fingers crossed for a change in weather sooner than later!

PS I thoroughly enjoyed the Lindsey Vonn show last night in the center of town. I missed the prize giving but watched the girls draw their ‘start numbers’ for a hat, and as usual Lindsey was pure class the way she worked the crowd and posed for ‘selfie’s with everyone who approached her.

PSS Jean has just phoned to say that Raya is in the hospital in Bourg with a broken arm. She broke it in the flat! get well soon Raya.

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