It's great to have the girls back!

21 December 2015

I picked the girls up last night and was in bed by 2AM, and fortunately the light was better than forecast this morning. It was still fairly flat and our session today turned out to be a ‘travelling-safely-in- the- mountains’ experience as we were a long way from the pistes, the light wasn’t the best and the snow was ‘educational’ in places. Bravo to everyone for a great effort. Chris had David from South Africa and Dimtri from Moscow and they did really well for the first time on ‘skins’. JM was out there somewhere, as were Thomas and Henry.

The girls had a quick ski this morning with Ray and we’re decorating the tree this afternoon, followed by a lamb supper tonight. Sounds great!

The sun is forecast for tomorrow and we were hoping for 5 to 10cm’s this afternoon but I wouldn’t count on it. It is sadly starting to clear up and whatever snow that was in the area seems to have missed us. Stay tuned!

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