Not the easiest exit!

23 December 2015

It was colder overnight and the snow cannons were blowing full-blast this morning as we skied down the Verte trying to keep the artificial snow out of our ears and eyes. JM, Andreas, Chris and I all headed in the same direction and did various options in our chosen sector. It was another glorious day and we all ‘skinned’ to our destinations to find pretty decent skiing, but the escape routes aren’t getting any easier. (See photos)

Thanks to Red Ray who took Millie and Katie skiing this morning and then to lunch at the Roxy/Billabong Burger Bar. They all had a great time and that freed Gill up to go for a strenuous 8-mile walk with Terry (Dawn’s boyfriend). Gill showed up exhausted but satisfied with a huge grin on her face at the end of the morning.

Radio Val is calling for a jour blanc tomorrow but the forecast is calling for a partially cloudy day. I must say we need snow but flat-light without snow is nothing to look forward to, believe me! Fingers crossed on that one.

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