A pretty good 'sniff'!!!

24 December 2015

Fortunately the forecasted ‘jour blanc’ never materialised and we enjoyed another beautiful sunny day. We all went different directions this morning and I managed to ‘sniff’ out a new variation, which turned out to be pretty jolly good, so I was rather pleased with the morning. All the boys reported good skiing and with colder nights a few more options are opening up, plus a few spring slopes are now in the mix.

We had a lovely drinks-and-nibbles evening at Jean Sports last night and thanks to JM and Maryse for bringing some excellent food and wine from the Pyrenees. Millie and Katie always enjoy a drinks party and they had a great time.

Andreas has his Dad and Tansy’s parents down at his place and they’re having a three-day celebration that is part Swedish, Scottish and French. Sounds fantastic and have a great time down there!

Have a great Christmas and stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow.

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