Three cheers for our clients!!!

27 December 2015

Another day and more unbroken sunshine! When you look at the flooding in England on the news after a solid month of rain and no sun, we can’t help but feel incredibly fortunate to be in such a beautiful place with stunning weather, pretty jolly good pistes and just enough off-piste to keep us going. We’d all love for it to snow but people are still having a great time and finding the skiing better than they had expected.

Today was no exception as Chris, Andreas, Henry and I were all in action. Andreas had a good ‘sniff’ in his chosen sector this morning, and a good ‘sniff’ at the moment is hugely satisfying and thoroughly appreciated by the troops. Once again, the boys are doing a fantastic job keeping everyone happy, and the positive attitude of our clients helps us out enormously. Bravo to Michael R who has now skied 15-days on the trot, Penny who has just clocked up 9 straight days, Jean who takes a day off every 8 or 9 days whether he needs one or not, and all of you who keep hanging in there! We’ve ‘skinned’ every day, climbed, side-slipped, scrambled on rocks, had entrances and exits that aren’t for the faint-hearted, and people keep coming back for more. Thank-you to you all!

Gill and I had a nice walk on the Balcon this afternoon while Millie and Katie took themselves swimming with their French pals. We ran into Nikki Pitts who was out enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise, and she was a bit miffed about the negative attitude of the British press. She also commented on how most people were having a wonderful holiday and were happy to be dry, and certainly much happier than they would be stuck in England. Here! Here! But with that said, let it snow!!!! Stay tuned.

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