Not for the faint-hearted!

29 December 2015

A little snow is forecast for Thursday night so hopefully we don’t have too many more days to soldier through before we get some relief. I decided to head over the Col and try skiing all the way to bottom and I’m coming out of ‘code-mode’ on this one because anyone who wants to go over the Col is welcome to it. We’ve been over the Col several times so far this season and have had some great skiing, but the entrance is starting to become a deterrent and definitely not for the faint-hearted! My team dealt with the Col admirably and we enjoyed some lovely skiing before ‘skinning’ up to the Grand Torsai. From there on down it was always going to be interesting but it was surprisingly good until the last steep slope and the last Combe down to the bottom. We needed to take off our skis and do a little scrambling and then some side-slipping, but all in all it was a good outing and everyone enjoyed it. (See photos) Meanwhile, Andreas, Thomas and Chris ‘skinned’ in the same sector and I’ve no idea what Henry and Pietro came up with this morning.

Gill, Millie, Katie and I had a nice walk this afternoon up on the Balcon. It’s an easy 40-minute walk and a great idea for anyone who’s had enough skiing by lunch time.

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow before some clouds on Thursday (maybe a few flakes during the night) and some snow on the weekend and perhaps into next week. Fingers crossed as we are getting rather desperate.

I’m a happy Hammer today as West Ham came back from a goal down to beat Southampton 2-1 last night for our first win in about two months. It comes after five straight draws and we climbed back up into 7th place. Stay tune for more news tomorrow.

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