Snow is on the way!

31 December 2015

For the first time in ages we had a flat-light day, but fortunately the vis was not too bad. I’ve had a really good run of late so I took it easy today with a little technique mixed in with a short ‘skin’. We’re expecting a sunny day tomorrow followed by up to a metre of snow over the next four or five days, and the most optimistic forecast I’ve heard is up to 2-and-a-half metres over the next nine days! Wow, that would change things! (But even half that would be seriously welcome!)

Thomas and Andreas had imaginative mornings today, bravo boys, while Chris skied around the Motte. Pietro has been skiing out of Tignes and I’m not too sure what Henry was doing today.

Apparently yesterday’s photos didn’t upload properly so I’ve added them to the Nov/Dec 2015 file and they come up first.

Happy New Year to you all, and stay tuned!

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