Happy New Year!

01 January 2016

As usual it was much quieter today as many skiers were nursing hangovers but the Alpine faithful were there in full force this morning. It was nice to have a sunny day again as Andreas headed towards Tignes while Thomas, Chris and I chose the Fornet. Scenically it was a stunning outing but ski-wise it was probably my toughest morning of the season. Well done to everyone this morning and especially Nicholas and David in Chris’ group!

We’ve soldiered on admirably all season long but the forecasted snow couldn’t come soon enough. All the boys have done a fantastic job (if I say so myself) but enough is enough! Please let it snow!

Thanks very much to Penny for a fabulous effort last night. It was thoroughly appreciated by everyone and we are all very grateful. Bonne annee!

PS Apparently today wasn’t as bad as I’ve depicted but I am a connoisseur and a bit of a perfectionist, but it wasn’t my best!

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