We had another warm and sunny day

23 December 2008

We had another warm and sunny day and the ‘Alpine’ teams spread ourselves out around the area. Andreas and Henry went down to Ste Foy to hike the ridge and ski the Foglietta, Chris skied the Col Pers, Jean Marc skied the Lavachet then ‘skinned’ back out and my team skied Mont Roup. It was Gideon’s first time to Mont Roup and he thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and great snow. All the teams had a really good outing today and the warm sunny weather is forecast to continue for another couple of days at least. We are starting to think about trying the gorge as it’s looking pretty full after the last snow storm with a couple of metres of snow falling at that end of the valley. (Still, a reliable report would be nice before heading in there!) I’ll let you know how we get on tomorrow.

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