Unexpected sunshine makes the day!

06 January 2016

We were all expecting a snowy flat-light day but it didn’t snow overnight and the skies cleared quickly leaving us with a superb ‘bonus’ day of visibility and fantastic snow. It was another ‘max-turn’ morning of high quality and what a morning for the ‘Dutchman’ to kick-off his season. (see photos)

I’d like to say bravo to Tiny and Gregor for a great performance this morning. They were laying perfect tracks right behind Thomas as Derek proudly looked on, and I have the feeling that they’re hooked! Mission accomplished but that will cost you Derek!

The clouds moved in around 3PM and it started snowing lightly and with the forecast calling for another significant dump tonight accompanied by strong winds we could be in for a tricky one tomorrow. Wish us luck!

I pulled out an edge on my beloved Bond’s a few days ago (one day before the snow!) and have been skiing on a pair of the new Salomon MTN Explore 88’s from Jean Sports and I must say they are bloody good in soft snow. I’ve really enjoyed them and they are surprisingly good on the piste except when the snow is firm and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a little more flotation. Personally I wouldn’t trade them for my Bond’s but they have been fun!

I’m missing my girls as this is the first time in their lives they haven’t been here at this time of year. I must say it’s rather quiet in my house but the novelty of that will wear off in a day or two. Stay tuned!

PS Attention: 50cm’s of snow is forecast for tomorrow with strong wind!

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