It's snowing just like the old days!

07 January 2016

It only snowed about 5cm’s overnight so we didn’t get any help track-wise but it started to snow around 9AM and by 11 o’clock it was dumping it down and by the end of the morning there was already a surprising accumulation that covered up old tracks and made for some great skiing. We are expecting 50cm’s today and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more. Blimey, it’s about to get extremely interesting!

As for the morning we were fairly limited and I tried the Manchet (Arcelle) sector for a change of scenery. (Not that you could see much with the flat-light) I was planning on skiing on-or-near the piste as I didn’t want to wander off onto the big slopes with such a fragile snowpack, and the snow was absolutely superb. The only trouble was that the pistes had been scarred by the piste machines and were totally un-skiable. That meant we couldn’t use the piste as back-up and needed to feel our way down as close to the piste as possible. It was a good journey all in all but wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been. We finished off the morning with some lovely skiing around Bellevarde where we skied with Henry for a couple of runs. (see photos) The rest of the boys were up-and-around the Fornet and I think everyone had a pretty good morning in tough conditions.

I’d like to thank Lloyd from New Zealand for pointing out a mistake on my Jan 5 report. The avalanche death took place in the Santons, not the Kern, and the skier involved in the accident in the Kern broke his pelvis, both legs and last I heard he was still in a coma. Sorry for the sloppy reporting Lloyd, have a great time skiing in Japan, and bravo to your lovely wife Jill for her 8-handicap. Boy, I’m jealous!

And I like to say a special hello to one of Millie’s best Broadwater School friends Connie, who reads my blog regularly and Millie thinks it quite cool that Connie reads her Dad’s Daily Diary! Thanks for tuning in Connie.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s news as the snow continues to fall.

PS They’ve just dropped the avalanche risk to 3/5!!!!! How can that be? The mountain is seriously unstable, there have already been two tragic accidents, and now another 50cm’s of heavy snow has been dumped on top of a weak base. Blimey!

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