'Zero' Expectations'!

09 January 2016

I awoke to falling rain this morning with temperatures higher than yesterday and really thought we were in for another very tricky morning with wet heavy snow and flat-light. My expectations after yesterday were ‘zero’ and everyone in the bus and at the Gourmandine felt the same. But wow what a morning it turned out to be! The snow quality was superb and even though we skied some warmer snow at lower altitudes it was like champagne powder compared to what was on offer 24-hours ago! Chris and I managed to keep ourselves in the best light available, although we did have a couple of fog patches, and we profited with a ‘maximum-turn’ morning. I’d give it top 8 to 10 of the season, which is a pretty good return when everyone was expecting to spend the morning on piste. (Andreas, Thomas and Henry were all off this morning)

The rain and heavy snow will help stabilise the snowpack enormously and help improve the base in the long term. Hopefully the added weight will trigger the slopes that need to be purged but we’re still in for a tricky period that will need patience as we wait for things to settle. Steep slopes that haven’t purged themselves will still be ‘no-go zones’ and it will be interesting to see the state of play once the sun comes back out. I noticed that the Campanules has purged itself just above the notorious pond and the more of the mountain that drops the better.

Although it was raining this morning it is now snow quite heavily in town as of 1:30PM and it is forecast to snow the rest of the afternoon and then again tomorrow. Just in time for TJ’s arrival this evening! Stay tuned!

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