Another cracking good ski!

10 January 2016

We enjoyed fairly similar conditions to yesterday with wonderful snow and just enough light on mid-altitude slopes. If we went too low it was heavy and we didn’t venture higher because of poor visibility and wind. (See photos) Even though the skiing is limited due to wind, flat-light, closures and most important of all, a 4/5 avalanche risk, it was a jolly enjoyable morning.

The forecast is for heavy snow over the next few days and we could see another metre of snow, maybe more. Unfortunately fierce winds are also expected so we’ll just have to wait and see what the next couple of days bring. Chris and I are scheduled to ski with the school children next week but there is a good possibility that Tuesday’s session will be cancelled.

I finished off a fantastic day of skiing yesterday with a nice West Ham victory in the FA Cup followed by a fantastic Steelers win over the Bengals in the NFL playoffs. Pittsburgh kicked the winning field goal with 14 seconds left on the clock. That’s called a proper ‘barn-burner’!

TJ arrived last night but I haven’t seen him yet, and he’ll be on the slopes tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS I’d like to thank Dave and Sue for a lovely evening at the YSE Chalet Chardons. The food was excellent and the company even better! Also bravo to both of you for a fine performance this morning.

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