11 January 2016

It was raining up to 2300 metres during the night and it was wet and windy with flat-light this morning, and with high avalanche risk, limited options, poor visibility, and low expectations it turned out to be another really, really fun morning! Not only was a ‘stinker’ avoided it turned out to be bloody good skiing and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (see photos)

We were lucky with the wind because it wasn’t too bad at the summit of the Funival but by one o’clock the wind had really picked up and the storm is now upon us. Today was a ‘bonus’ day really and we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Fingers crossed!

Frans was skiing beautifully today when he had a ski dive on him and it took about 40-minutes for Thomas and his team to finally find it. They had their shovels out and found it fairly deep. Bravo Thomas and crew as it wasn’t easy climbing back up and searching around for all that time. Frans will be very grateful, although he’s not too sure how much he really likes those skis as he’s been eyeballing some possible replacements!

Derek e-mailed to report the sad news that the legendary David Bowie died today of cancer. He was a fantastic showman and a serious piece of work, especially during his Ziggy Stardust days. Wham- bam-thank-you- David !

Stay tune for more news, weather and sports tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be open for business after a night of heavy snowfalls and strong winds!

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