Beeper training followed by wonderful skiing!

12 January 2016

When Radio Val announced winds of 109km/h at the top of Solaise at 5AM with 30cm’s of fresh snow overnight, and with the wind swirling about in the village this morning we really weren’t expecting much of an opening. I thought we’d meet up, do a beep search and be home by 11 o’clock. We all headed down to La Daille and Thomas, Chris and I all spent some time with our teams doing some beeper training (bravo Dave, you were brilliant and I’d feel better knowing you were looking for me) and then around 10 o’clock the Funival opened and we all enjoyed a fantastic morning. Only the Funival and the short chair were open but they gave us plenty of options and we all had another brilliant ‘bonus’ morning. (TJ was also in action)

The temperature has dropped considerably and by the end of the morning the thermometer on top of the Funival read -13C. The colder temperatures helped to save the day because the lower slopes have stabilised and the snow is now light and very skiable, meaning we could ski trees right to the bottom. This hasn’t been the case up until today as we’ve needed to cut out early to avoid ‘wishbone’ snow. Without those lower slopes it wouldn’t have been nearly so entertaining this morning.

There is a lot of activity on Facebook regarding the brilliant David Bowie and I’m sure many of you are pulling out your favourite Bowie tunes. What an unique innovator, what a class act, and what a talent!

It’s snowing hard as of 2:30PM and we should have slightly brighter skies tomorrow, colder temperatures and some jolly cracking good skiing. Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

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