What a week of wonderful winter skiing!

14 January 2016

It was clear and cold overnight and the cold temperatures lightened up the snow, but without new snow we needed to ski places that hadn’t been skied and after blue skies yesterday afternoon and the mini-frenzy, that was easier said than done! Still, we managed another excellent morning and the good news is that it snowed big flakes all day long. (see photos) And according to Geoff D’s Norwegian forecast we should have sun tomorrow morning to go with some stunning new snow. Hang on, it should be a good one!

If yesterday afternoon is anything to go by there should be some outrageous lines skied in places I wouldn’t dream of going. The risk is high but people just don’t get it, many thinking an air-bag, beep, shovel and probe somehow makes them invincible, and others are just ignorant, but there will be a powder-frenzy tomorrow and hopefully no one in the resort will be killed. There were at least three avalanches in a short sunny afternoon yesterday plus the tragic accident in Les Deux Alpes, none of which would have happened if it had stayed cloudy. But as Andreas said, “the sun has to come out sometime” and that sometime is tomorrow!

Stay tuned for news, weather, and photos tomorrow! (I’ll give you a day off the sports!)

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