What a day we savoured again today

24 December 2008

What a day we savoured again today. It has been an outstanding season so far and although we now need to walk, but we ‘skinned’ to superb snow again today. JM, Chris and I had a wonderful Glacier Pers, which was especially wonderful because we skied all the way to the valley floor and exited through the gorge. The gorge hasn’t been passable at this time of year for twenty-five years or so but at the moment you could drive a tank through it. Andreas’ group climbed to the Col des Fours to find fantastic snow as well, which Andreas rated at 10/10. Result! Henry skied with a lovely group of five Norwegian women and hasn’t been heard from since! Sun is forecast for tomorrow before clouding in during the afternoon with some very light snow on Friday before turning sunny and cold again on Saturday.

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