Blasted wind!

15 January 2016

It was a little disappointing today because yesterday’s snowfall, which was one of the most beautiful I’ve witnessed for quite some time, was ruined by a persistent wind during the night. I knew we were in trouble around 4AM when I could hear the wind howling outside my bedroom window and sure enough this morning the wind-damage was extensive. Still, there were some pockets of lovely snow and some protected slopes but I was drooling yesterday afternoon when huge flakes were falling straight down without a breath of wind, and had visions of the best day of the season coming up. Thanks goodness the sun did come out so we could see the state of the mountain as well as ‘sniff’ out the best snow on offer and a little vis goes a long way when the mountain has taken a battering. I had high expectations climbing into bed last night, and high expectations are much more difficult to satisfy than than low ones!

Today was Michael R’s last day of thirty-four-in-a-row! Not many people ski that many days without a break and Michael skied through a few niggles and needed to ice his knee fairly frequently. He experienced the drought at the beginning of the season and has finished off with nearly two weeks of non-stop snow and flat-light, and he’s skied through it all. Bravo Michael and see you same time next year!

Temperatures around -10C are forecast for tonight and tomorrow with some more snow. It’s hard to imagine that we need more snow after 2 to 3 metres of the white stuff but after last night’s wind we need another soft cushion on top.

Stay tuned for Sue and Dave’s last day tomorrow and of course some sort of sports report! And good-bye to Iain and Murray, see you next season.

PS Thomas did a great job today of demonstrating the fragility of the snowpack to his clients. He positioned them and then jumped on a plaque and with an impressive ‘boom’ it slabbed off about 50 metres wide. Well done Thomas!

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