Ray to the rescue!

16 January 2016

It was -16C upstairs this morning but the wind was a little less chilling and with the sun shining most of the morning we all had a really good ski. In fact, it was much better than good and after a slightly disappointing day yesterday it was nice to rebound with a cracker for Dave and Sue’s last day!

My computer won’t recognise my mouse or my camera card so I can’t post any photos today. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted as the photos help paint the picture of our skiing because as you’ll have probably noticed I’m not listing where we’ve been skiing. Our options have been limited all season long for one reason or another so I’m not giving anything away. (Ray has suggested taking the battery out of my computer for ten minutes and everything seems to be back in order. Photos will follow shortly. Thanks Ray!)

Hopefully we’ll see a little sunshine tomorrow and maybe a few flakes of snow as well. After the wind ravaged much of the mountain some visibility is a must to make the most of the conditions. Fingers crossed!

Things aren’t looking to good in West Ham Land at half-time so hopefully the boys will have a better go in the second half.

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