An unexpected but savoured day off!

17 January 2016

I had a pleasant and unexpected day to relax today as two clients couldn’t make it due to transfer problems, leaving just Jean and I. When I mentioned a one-run-for-some-fresh-air morning Jean’s face lit up as if it was the best powder day of the season! So, we headed up Bellevarde and were greeted with a biting and chilling wind and we skied piste straight to the bottom of La Daille. Jean then went home with a big smile for a well deserved rest.

I returned to chez-moi to retrieve my proto-type boots I’m testing plus my new Bonds (now Vertex). I didn’t want to test new skis with these ultra-light boots in public so I went off on my own for a run. I must say its weird skiing alone! Anyway, the boots have potential and my new skis were fabulous in the soft snow but very uncomfortable on the piste. New skis straight from the factory often need flattening so I took them straight into Jean Sports to have them sorted out. If you ever experience difficulties with a new pair of skis take them straight in to be serviced as skis have been coming out of the factory in an un-skiable condition since the beginning of time and this is nothing new. Don’t blame yourself and think you’re just having a bad day as it could very well be that your skis are in a shocking state. Someone once said, “A master craftsman always blames his tools!”

My colleagues all went out to brave the elements and had a pretty good morning. Bravo to all! Sun is forecast for the morning so we should have an easier time of it, but -20C and wind are also on the cards. Stay tuned!

So far I’ve skied with Jean, skied on my own, been shopping, gone to the gym, made soup and had lunch, now I’m off for the footie, what a day!

TJ’s wife Joanna arrives today for a five-day visit. It’s been ages since she’s been here and it should be fun as some of her best friends from 30-plus years ago are coming as well. What a cast of characters and what a reunion!

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